Tape Measure Keyrings

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Thumbs Up Tape Measure
Thumbs Up Tape Measures are fun promotional products.
from $1.63 to $0.95 ea
100 min qty
Household Tape Measure
Household Tape Measures are practical inexpensive promotional ideas.
from $2.01 to $1.28 ea
100 min qty
Square Promo Tape Measure
Square Promo Tape Measures feature a key ring attachment.
from $2.33 to $1.18 ea
250 min qty
Promo Heart Measure & Keytag
Promo Heart Measure & Keytags have a minimum purchase order quantity of 250 units.
from $2.62 to $1.65 ea
250 min qty
Promo Square Tape Measure
Promo Square Tape Measures can be customised with your company name.
from $2.78 to $1.59 ea
250 min qty
Plastic House Tape Measure
Plastic House Tape Measures are creative promotional giveaway products.
from $2.84 to $1.91 ea
250 min qty
Champion Tape Measure
Champion Tape Measures are popular and economical.
from $2.96 to $1.65 ea
250 min qty
Tape Measure Heart
Tape Measure Hearts can be printed with a message or business info
from $2.99 to $2.13 ea
250 min qty
Tyre Keyring Tape Measure
Tyre Keyring Tape Measures can be personalized with business information
from $3.49 to $2.36 ea
150 min qty
Translucent Tape Measure
Translucent Tape Measures are inclusive of button cell batteries.
from $4.18 to $2.34 ea
250 min qty

Promotional Tape Measure Key Chains will boost your brand in tradeshows, conferences, and workshops! It’s like you’re giving you clients a handy tool to get their crafts, sewing, and wood works done while promoting your brand at the same time. Choose from our endearing range of Tape Measure Key Chains for your clients and save big on your promotional budget. Contact our customer service team and request for samples now!