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24 February, 2022

Choosing The Right Custom Keyring For Your Business

There are thousands of keyrings on the market that can be customised with your logo. On our website alone we have over 450 different types of keyrings on offer. So what type of keyring and what type of branding would suit your business. There are several things to take into account.

Each of the above is important in their own right, so let’s go through them

What audience are you giving your keyrings to? This is important and can have a bearing on whether the keyring will be a success or not. If you are attending a motor show and want to hand out a keyring to potential buyers of your car, you don’t want to give a cheap plastic keyring. You want to give them something more upmarket they will use, or do a themed keyring that fits into what you do. If it is a car show, then why not get a keyring in the shape of a steering wheel or car. If you are at a boating show, how about floating keyrings. Even if they don’t buy a boat from you, chances are they currently own one, so by using your keyring they are constantly reminded about your company, in case the occasion of buying a new boat comes up in the future.

What is your budget? You should set a budget for yourself for what you want to spend. This will also help in determining what type of keyring you can afford for your budget. If you are looking at doing mass merchandise giveaways at large events, then the keyring needs to be a low cost. You would probably need to look at a plastic keyring. Simple rubber or vinyl rectangular, round or square keyrings offer the best branding area and are super cheap when bought in bulk. If you are doing a more upscale event and you have the budget to afford it, a nice metal keyring with engraving would work best. If you find locally that prices are too expensive for the budget you have, or you want to stretch it to get the best value possible, you can always consider doing a custom keyring from overseas. If you have 10 to 12 weeks this would be the best option and give you the greatest value.

What branding should I do? Branding on keyrings comes down to a few basic rules to ensure you maximise your exposure. Firstly, keep it simple. Don’t try and crowd your keyring with too much information. Keep it to the basics and try and limit it to 2 or 3 things. The primary ones are your company name, company logo, phone number, your business address, contact email and your company’s slogan or advertising message. Pick 3 of the above at the most. If you have a keyring that can be branded on both sides and you have the budget to afford it, this is a great solution if you need to get more information on the keyring. If you are doing a metal keyring, the simpler it is, the classier it looks. Just a simple logo works best with a company name. If you can keep it to this, then it will make the highest impression on your clients.

Whatever you may be looking at, if you are unsure what type of keyring would work best for your next marketing campaign, we’d be more than happy to help in regards to picking the right keyring and the right branding that both fits within your budget and targets your key audience.

The Keyrings Only Team