Wooden Keyrings

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Round Oak Wood Keyring
Custom Round Oak Wood Keyrings are a very popular choice among businesses and organisations with environmentally-friendly campaigns.
from $1.68 to $1.37 ea
100 min qty
Rectangular Oak Wood Keyring
Featuring a clever split ring attachment and an attention-grabbing wooden tag, these custom Rectangular Oak Wood Keyrings make a fantastic marketing gift.
from $1.68 to $1.37 ea
100 min qty
Metal and oak wood come together for a sophisticated design in the printed Julius Wooden Keyring!
from $2.60 to $2.16 ea
100 min qty
Bamboo Keyring
Bamboo Keyrings are an ideal promotional idea for businesses looking for a valuable gift for their campaign.
from $4.75 to $3.42 ea
100 min qty

If you want a corporate giveaway that you know will be used, choose our contemporary offering for the right reason and season! Featuring a gorgeous wood and metal combination that is all the rage, you will have an upper hand in capturing more interest and buzz with embracing a contemporary look. You can use our high quality laser engraving method to have a flawless rendition of your company logo on the side of the accessory, making sure there are no errors in the design. It gives a professional look that complements the modern style of your group. Engage potential customers with these wonderful and practical trinkets that are lovely everyday accessories in their own right!