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10 October, 2013

Compass Key Tags Make Great Custom Handout Items

Compass key tags are basically compass and thermometer key rings, which are quite practical and convenient. Nowadays businessmen focus more and more on some auxiliary functions of their products, so as to attract customers. These compass key tags exactly conform to the current trend of the market.

Compass key tag is a small rectangle with a circle which stands in the front of the tag, and the product size of it is 76mm (w) *25mm (h). There is a key ring that enables for convenient attachment to things such as keys or bags. The product includes a thermometer with Celsius and Fahrenheit readings as well and there is a wind chill factor chat on the back of it. This type of key tag will probably help you recognize the direction and know the temperature when you are out in the wild. These key tags also offer custom prints of your company name and logo on the inside paper protected by a plastic casing. You may have your business information printed on the front of the key tag with the area of 28mm (w) *5mm (h), choosing your favourite colour such as athletic gold, bright red, burgundy, forest green, orange, royal blue and so on.

Compass key tags are the perfect promotional gift items that you can hand out or give away at your promotional venture, and they can also be the souvenir on trade shows for customers and guests. Now you can simply make an order online and upload the information you would like to print on it through the website, then the supplier will make it for you as soon as possible.

The Keyrings Only Team