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12 April, 2022

Could These Be The Key To Your Marketing Success?

Customised Keyrings have been a popular choice in promotional products for many years and it is easy to see why. There are so many advantages to using keyrings. They can benefit your company by bringing additional brand awareness and customer loyalty. Reads on about the other advantages custom keyrings could bring if you used them as part of your promotional merchandise.

1. Increase Brand Awareness: When someone is looking for a service or product, the goal of any business is to have their name and company at the front in regards to a customer’s choice. That is where brand recognition come in. It is the rate at which a customer is likely to think of your brand’s goods or services. The higher the awareness, the more often customers recognise your brand and hence choose your services. That’s where custom keyrings come in. They are visual and used many times by the recipient. Each time they use the keyring and see your branding they are reminded of your company. As keyrings are used frequently, it means you are being shown many times throughout the year.

2. They Last A Long Time: Unlike many other promotional items that have a definitive life span, keyrings last for ages. A commercial on the radio or TV last from 10 to 30 seconds, but a keyring lasts a lifetime. One of the main reasons for this is keyrings are useful, so people are not going to throw them out. They will attach their house, car, boat, shed or other types of keys to it and then it will be with them for an extremely long time.

3. Easy To Brand: When it comes to keyrings you have plenty of options in regards to customising them. You can pad print your design or logo, engrave them or get them branded with full colour direct digital printing. There are also options to add resin domes over the top to protect your print. Engraving is always the branding of choice if you can, as engraving will last the life of the keyring. If you get them printed, over time the print may either wear off or get scratched off as the keys are taken in and out of pockets and purses or when they are thrown onto a table or into a drawer. If you are getting them printed, try and get a resin dome over the top, as this will protect the print from being scratched.

4. Cost-Effective: If you need to hand out hundreds of promotional items at an event, keyrings are very cost-effective. Rubber or acrylic keyrings cost well under $0.60 with branding when purchased n large, bulk quantities. Even metal keyrings can be purchased for under $2 when bought in bulk, so they are very cheap products to buy, but due to them being long-lasting, they pay for themselves easily. Just don’t fall into the trap of buying the cheapest keyring in the market. You still want something durable so you get the best ROI.

5. Easy To Target A Demographic: If you need to target a certain demographic, keyrings are one of the most flexible products to use. There are so many standard shapes available, there is a keyring to suit almost any market. You have house shaped keyrings from real estate or construction, car-themed keyrings for any business in the auto or motorsport industry, have bottle opener keyrings for pubs and bottle shops, you have unique shapes such as a star, boomerang, animals, dog bone, bicycles, thongs and the list go on. There are not many promotional products that can offer this type of versatility.

There are so many reasons to use keyrings as a promotional tool. If you are looking to get some customised but are unsure what would best suit, or what would fit within your budget, contact us and we’d be glad to assist you.

The Keyrings Only Team