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12 October, 2013

Custom Carabiners in Many Uses

Custom carabiners are useful tools for holding more than just keys. Not only do these durable items do a great job of securing keys and IDs, but they can also serve as fans, flashlights, bottle openers, clocks, and compasses. They could also connect a split ring allowing the product to be attached to a set of keys or a bag.

Custom carabiners are wonderful giveaways for any event or promotion because of their many uses. Hook them to your pant loop or join them to any other keychain with the quick squeeze of the latch. This makes them perfect for anyone working a job with many keys like janitors, truck drivers, and venue managers to name a few. Likewise, hikers can enjoy the convenience that a water bottle on a carabiner promotional gives them. No matter what use your custom carabiner plays in someone's life, rest assured that it will satisfy them while bringing you brilliant exposure. What is more, they are available in a variety of colours making it easy to colour match with your company colours.

If you are looking to showcase your company logo and hang on to your customers, custom carabiners are a great product to make sure that your company will always be remembered and associated with reliability.

The Keyrings Only Team