promo keys to the house

15 November, 2021

Promotional Keyrings For Real Estate Agents

I think promotional keyrings in the shape of houses were destined to be a big hit with real estate agents as giveaways to clients. They are such an effective marketing tool at a very low price point, but the product itself gets used every day, giving your brand huge exposure. There are two obvious times to give a keyring to a client. Either the signing of a new lease on a building or if they have just purchased a house. Depending on what the client has spent with you, there are many options in regards to quality and budget to pick from.

The most basic and inexpensive styles are plastic or flexible rubber. These are simple keyrings that you can purchase in bulk for under $1.00, including your branding. They are perfect for when you need to give a basic cheap keyring to someone. You can jazz them up though by having a full-colour digital print applied. Most come with a basic “O” ring to attach the keys to.

After your plastic and rubber styles, you then start to move into more premium keyrings. Metal keyrings are the nicest to give away, and they are best branded with engraving. When you print onto a keyring, as they are being put in and out of pockets a lot, thrown into a purse or desk drawer, the print will come off over time, whereas if you engrave, the engraving will last the life of the keyring. Also, engraving gives a much higher perceived value. You can get metal house shaped keyrings in a basic flat outline or get more 3D effects and even ones with an inner spinner.

The next category is the novelty house shaped keyrings. These are fun and will definitely grab the client’s attention. One of the more popular styles is a tape measure keyring. It is in the shape of a house, but it has a built-in tape measure. Otherwise, you also have stress shaped house keyrings or floating styles. Again, there is a plethora to choose from.

Whatever one you choose, they are perfect for any business dealing in real estate. Just remember that if you go for a metal style, spend a little extra and have them engraved. It’s worth it.

The Keyrings Only Team